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Solar Panel Kit for Camper

Power up your camper and explore without limits with our campervan solar panel kits. Recharge your leisure batteries off-grid and enjoy the freedom to travel anywhere. 

Our best-selling campervan solar panel kit is the 120w MPPT kit, which provides an excellent balance of power, price, and size.

Choose between Complete Kits with Lithium Battery or Starter Kits if you already have one.

120W - 240W

These kits are perfect for small energy consumers, including lights, smartphones, laptops, cameras, and any other small devices. 

320W - 600W

These kits have you covered for higher energy demands such as flat TV’s and small refrigerates. 

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Photovoltaic solar panels are coated with a thin layer of silicon. When sunlight hits the panel, photons are absorbed, leading to the separation of electrons from the silicon atoms, causing them to move. This generates a DC electric current that is gathered and directed through a controller to charge your leisure battery. A typical camper solar panel produces a charge of 17-22V.

Yes, a solar panel can be relatively easy to install in a camper if you are familiar with common tools like a drill and other easy-to-use tools. While the process may seem daunting at first, with our Kit Installation Guide, installing the solar panel kit can be a simple and easy DIY project.

To maintain your battery’s health, we suggest fitting a solar panel of at least 80 watts. For greater independence from the mains hookup, we recommend using a solar panel of at least 120 watts. If you intend to run multiple appliances simultaneously, consider at least 320W.

Campervan solar kits provide everything you require to start generating renewable energy, such as one or more solar panels, a charge controller, a battery, as well as all the necessary cables & mounting.

You have two options for motorhome solar kits: one with only MPPT charge controller, cables & mounting, providing you with the flexibility to purchase your battery, and the other option comes with a lithium battery and inverter, ready for installation.

With a camper solar kit, you have everything you need to generate power, and your only consideration is how much power you require.

Please send a message to our friendly team here and they will help you design the perfect kit for your needs.

Contact our expert team for advice, you can email us at support@voltanic.solar and we’ll be back to your within 1 day.