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Power up your camper and explore without limits with our campervan solar panel kits. Recharge your leisure batteries off-grid and enjoy the freedom to travel anywhere. 

Our best-selling campervan solar panel kit is the 200w MPPT kit, which provides an excellent balance of power, price, and size.

Voltanic’s range of solar products is perfect for the most popular vehicle conversions, including VW Transporter (T4, T5, and T6 models), Mercedes Sprinter, Nissan NV200, Ford Transit, and others.

Best Sellers

✅ Highly customizable and easy to install (installation guide included).

✅ These kits are perfect for small energy consumers, including lights, smartphones, laptops, cameras, and any other small devices. 

Medium-Large Kits

✅  Several mounting and controller options are available. You also have the option to upgrade your battery to lithium.

✅ These kits have you covered for higher energy demands such as flat TV’s and small refrigerates. 

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We understand you may have unique requirements for your set-up. Contact us to modify any kit to your needs. 

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Photovoltaic solar panels are coated with a thin layer of silicon. When sunlight hits the panel, photons are absorbed, leading to the separation of electrons from the silicon atoms, causing them to move. This generates a DC electric current that is gathered and directed through a controller to charge your 12v leisure battery.

Our solar panel kits are designed for easy installation, even for those with limited DIY experience. Each kit comes with detailed step-by-step instructions, and our customer support team is available to assist you throughout the installation process.

We found that most people install campervan solar setups ranging between 200W and 400W, with 600W solar systems being popular choices for larger vans.

Campervan solar kits provide everything you need to begin generating energy, including one or more solar panels, a charge controller, all necessary cables and mounting equipment, as well as optional batteries. Each product offers several options to customize the kit according to your specific requirements.

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