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Solar Kit for Static Caravan

With solar power becoming increasingly affordable, there’s never been a better time to invest in static caravan solar panel kits and generate your own green energy. 

Our range of solar kits and solar panels are well designed for your static caravan or caravan park.

Our best-selling static caravan solar panel kit is the 1200w solar panel kit, which provides an excellent balance of power and size.

The 400W Solar Panel is MCS Approved, so you can sell what you don’t need to the National Grid and make a little money back in the process.

Top Solar Kits

The most popular and reliable options 

Small-Medium Off-Grid Kits

These kits are perfect for those with low energy consumption or limited space. With an 800W kit you could expect to generate around 133 amps per day (24V Battery System) during the summer months.

Medium-Large Complete Solar Systems

These Kits are equipped with premium Lithium LiFePO4 Batteries, ensuring longevity for over 15 years, perfect for those who need a reliable full system.

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Yes, caravan solar panels can produce power even on overcast days, although they perform best in direct sunlight. Though recharging a battery may take longer on cloudy days, it is still possible for the panels to generate electricity.

Definitely! Installing a solar panel in your static caravan is not as difficult as it may seem, and can be a fun DIY project. With basic tools you can easily do it yourself. Just make sure your roof can take the load and that you have planning if you need it. In most cases solar panels fall under ‘permitted development’ so planning is usually not required but please check before.

Yes, it is. The type of appliance you can power with solar energy depends on the amount of energy it requires. Standard household appliances can be powered with solar energy, but you’ll need a solar panel with enough capacity to generate the necessary energy, as well as an inverter that can convert DC current into AC.

Our complete kits with batteries offer a full-power solution for those who need it, providing quality monocrystalline panels, lithium batteries and all the cabling and mounting required. 

Alternatively, you can choose a starter caravan solar panel kit which gives you the freedom to choose your own size battery or use an existing one, providing everything else you need to begin generating energy.

Please send a message to our friendly team here and they will help you design the perfect kit for your needs.

Contact our expert team for advice, you can email us at support@voltanic.solar and we’ll be back to you within 1 day.