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solar panels for caravans

Caravan Solar Panel Kit

Fitting solar panels to your caravan can free you from the electric hook-up cable by harnessing power directly from the sun. This not only saves money on pitch fees but also enables you to enjoy short weekend breaks or month-long getaways with sustainable energy and freedom.

Most caravan solar panels tend to be between 120W and 160W, which provides an excellent balance of power, price, and size. If space allows, it’s possible to fit larger panels. 

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Yes, caravan solar panels can produce power even on overcast days, although they perform best in direct sunlight. Though recharging a battery may take longer on cloudy days, it is still possible for the panels to generate electricity.

Certainly! Installing a solar panel in your caravan is not as difficult as it may seem, and can be a fun DIY project. With basic tools you can easily install a solar panel.

It is possible to generate sufficient solar energy to power a household appliance, though the type of appliance will determine the amount of energy required. Caravan versions of appliances and standard household appliances can both be powered with solar energy. However, to achieve this, you will need a solar panel with enough capacity to generate the necessary energy, as well as an inverter that can convert DC current into AC.

Our starter caravan solar panel kits have everything you need to start generating energy, including a 12v solar panel, mounting, a charge controller, wiring and cables, and easy-to-follow installation instructions.

For those in need of a full power solution, we also offer complete kits with batteries and inverters.

The majority of caravanners use 120W to 240W. A 120W kit or works well with a well-maintained leisure battery.

Yes, although it depends on the fridge type. A small compressor fridge in an older caravan, with a 120W solar panel and a battery, can easily keep pace during day and night. An absorption fridge running on gas uses minimal 12V power, so the solar panel and leisure battery will easily cope.

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