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No-Drill Black Plastic Mounts 4 Pieces

Available for Pre-ordering. Delivery 1st week of June.

£22.00 Inc. VAT

These No-Drill mounting brackets are great if you do not wish to drill potentially leaky holes in your roof. Perfect for mounting all types of rigid panels onto the roofs of camper-vans, caravans, motor-homes, boats, yachts, sheds, garages and out-houses.

  • Weather proof non corrosive and UV stable ABS plastic
  • High Load Capacity suitable for securing larger panels
  • Ample space beneath the mounts provide better cooling for better panel performance

Recommended for mounting our smaller panels. For our larger 400w panels we recommend adding side mounts as well.

Easy 3 Step Installation

1- Drill holes into each bracket and corresponding holes into the solar panel frame.

2- Fix the brackets to the panels frame using self-tapping screws (Screws not included).

3- Bond brackets to the roof using bonding sealant (we recommend SikaFlex 512).

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