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20A MPPT Charge Controller | 12/24V


Squeeze every last drop of power from your solar array with Voltanic 20A MPPT charge controller. Suitable for 12V/24V systems up to 260/520 watts.

✓  30% more power than equivalent PWM controllers

✓  20A capacity capable of handling 260 watts

✓  Universal Battery Compatibility

✓  Automatic battery voltage recognition

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Controller Features & Benefits

By utilising Maximum Power-Point tracking technology, this controller is able to harness most of the power that your panels generate. And with multiple in-built battery safety features that protect & extend the life of your battery, you can trust this controller with your off-grid setup. Suitable for 12/24V systems up to 260/520 watts.

  Harness 100% of your panels wattage with Voltanic MPPT technology

✓  Protects your battery with 6 inbuilt safety features

✓  Prolongs your battery’s lifespan with 4-stage charging cycle

✓  Universal Battery Compatibility | Lithium | LifePO4 | Gel | Lead-Acid | Liquid

Max Charging Current


System Voltage


Max Volt on PV Terminal


Max Input Power

260W (12V) / 520W (24V)

Dimensions (mm)

136.6 x 136.6 x 67.1



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