About Us

Our story so far

Our story began when we purchased our first motorhome, our beloved Helga. She became our faithful companion as we embarked on countless adventures across the UK, from the serene coastlines of Cornwall to the breathtaking Highlands.

 Despite her humble appearance and modest price tag of £2999, we saw the potential in Helga. We viewed her as a perfect project that would not only allow us to explore every corner of the UK but also deepen our understanding of motorhomes and their inner workings, preparing us for any unexpected challenges along the way.

Photos of Jason and Denise, co-founders of Voltanic, working on Helga Motorhome

Driven by our passion for nature and the desire to embrace off-grid living, we delved into the world of solar power. However, the journey was not without its hurdles. 

We soon realized the difficulty of navigating through the sea of misleading information scattered across the internet, and also the lack of affordable, high-quality products. Many retailers and resellers seemed to prioritize exorbitant profits over providing genuine value to customers

It was then that we made a determined commitment to simplify the solar experience for others, paving the way for the birth of Voltanic.

Photos about Helga, our first Motorhome and the start of Voltanic

Our Founders

Denise, co-founder of Voltanic, brings a dynamic spirit and a diverse background to our team. Hailing from Argentina, she discovered her passion for travel, which ultimately led her to meet Jason, her partner and co-founder of Voltanic. In her personal life, alongside her adventurous spirit, Denise is a certified Yoga Teacher Instructor, a qualification she obtained in India itself. She also loves volunteering,   whether that is teaching English in the Amazonas or planting trees in Colombia. 

Denise plays a crucial role in shaping Voltanic’s customer-centric approach and creating a platform where people can not only find solar solutions but also experience exceptional service and genuine human connection.

Jason, from England, brings a delightful blend of humor and curiosity to Voltanic. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, he spends his free time immersing himself in various subjects, particularly politics and economics. His passion for learning and writing is evident in his dedication to staying informed and sharing valuable insights. 

Recognizing the opportunity to make a positive impact on both the environment and people’s lives, Jason saw Voltanic as a way to turn his passion into a purposeful livelihood. By providing valuable solar solutions, he aims to contribute to a sustainable future while empowering the community.

Photos about us, Jason and Denise, co-founders of Voltanic

At Voltanic, Denise and Jason prioritize personal interactions over social media. They are not avid users of social media platforms and instead emphasize the importance of genuine connections. Their belief in sustainability, customer satisfaction, and the joy of exploration is at the core of Voltanic’s mission.

Denise and Jason’s dream finds its realization in Voltanic—a platform where they can make a positive impact while embracing a lifestyle centered around travel and meaningful connections. Through Voltanic, they aim to create a space that reflects their values and provides valuable solar solutions to customers. 

Our Vision

In the long term, our vision for Voltanic extends beyond our current offerings. While we currently specialize in individual solar solutions, our ultimate aim is to expand into house solar systems. We believe that the future lies in solar power becoming the primary energy source for homes, businesses, and vehicles.

At Voltanic, we are driven by the conviction that a transition to a net-zero future is not only necessary but also inevitable. We are committed to playing our part in making this transition a reality. As we continue to grow and evolve, our focus remains on providing reliable solar products and a truly customer centric approach to our business. 

We are actively working towards our goal, and our vision for the future of Voltanic is to make an impact on a larger scale by enabling the widespread adoption of solar power. We believe that education, accessibility, and affordability are key factors in driving this transition, and we are dedicated to equipping our customers with the knowledge and support they need to embrace renewable energy.

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